OUR MISSION is to be a leader and trusted partner in providing quality products, support, and innovative solutions to agricultural producers in the Midwest.

OUR VISION is to be the preferred agricultural equipment dealer in the Midwest recognized for exceptional customer service and rewarding career opportunities.

OUR VALUES are that we strive to operate by the following values with our key stakeholder groups (customers, employees, owners, industry partners and our communities):


INTEGRITY - Building and sustaining TRUSTWORTHY relationships with all of our key stakeholder groups

  • Be honest with all
  • Be respectful with all
  • Be fair with all
  • Fulfill all ethical and work responsibilities with all


FINANCIAL STRENGTH - Achieving and maintaining the STABILITY AND SUCCESS that enables us to serve all of our key stakeholder groups

  • Always strive to be profitable, to sustain both our business and ourselves
  • Operate by sound, successful business principles and practices
  • Be adaptable both personally and as an organization
  • Wisely use resources and reduce waste
  • Continually strengthen our people, business processes, and work practices


QUALITY - Continuously MEETING OR EXCEEDING EXPECTATIONS of all our key stakeholder groups

  • Take personal initiative that successfully meets requirements, needs, and objectives
  • Consistently provide reliable products and services
  • Continually improve and learn in ways that strengthen our performance and expand opportunities
  • Lead by being creative and innovative with both our products and practices to generate better business results


TEAMWORK - MUTUALLY PRODUCTIVE AND SATISFYING RELATIONSHIPS that benefit all of our key stakeholder groups

  • Consistently committing to and focusing on how we all succeed
  • Seek ways to communicate and work together, to generate expected results
  • Clearly define roles and responsibilities of all involved and affected by decisions and actions
  • Recognize others for their efforts, contributions, and successes in meaningful ways
  • Build and sustain a positive and productive environment that fosters effectively working together and strengthened commitment

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